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Concord Ridge
Concord Ridge
The location from which our company derives its name is located in northwestern, PA near the town of Corry. Concord Ridge marks the highest point in Erie County and the Hammond Family have been stewards of the land there for seven generations. The roots of the Concord Ridge business are deeply imbedded in agriculture, with Holstein dairy cattle a very high day to day personal interest and business priority. It is from these roots and the benefits reaped from practical business experience and world - wide contacts that our company has been able to expand into Real Estate, Livestock, Agricultural, and Industrial Equipment Marketing, primarily through auction.

Intrinsic to the success of these marketing ventures is our understanding of the business considerations facing both buyers and sellers. This understanding and experience is available to you as a valued "old friend", potential new client, or customer.

We can be reached @ 814-664-8040
Concord Ridge
20281 Hammond Road
Corry, PA 16407
Fax: 814-665-2332